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1705, 2018

5 Ways to Improve the Bulleting on Your IT Resume

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As a certified professional resume writer and career coach (CPRW / CPCC) with deep expertise in IT recruitment, one of the mistakes I frequently see on resumes is over-bulleting. While the human brain is amazing, it cannot crash into a wall at 60 miles per hour (without proper protection, of course). The brain also has a limited attention span, which is why a list of 20+ bullets is a bad move [...]

2604, 2018

How to Bring the Hottest Experience to the Top of Your Resume

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How to Bring the Hottest Experience to the Top of Your Resume If you want to do a quick fix to your resume, this article published on gives some valuable tips and tricks for #resumes that will help you with your #job search.    

604, 2018

Better Job Descriptions – Step by Step

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  Better Job Descriptions - Step by Step If you are a recruiter and want some ideas on how to create a job description that yields better results, this article written by Wendy Schwartz (me) for provides some great advice.  Even if you are a candidate you may want to read this as well as it points to the importance of looking for the hard requirements before [...]

404, 2018

Resume Gaps: Interview Preparation Ideas

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Great Ways to Discuss Resume Gaps When Interviewing: In this article, published via The Muse and written by Sjoerd Gehring, there are some great suggestions for addressing resume gaps. Enjoy! --------------------------------------------- Wendy Schwartz, CPRW, is an IT Recruiter, Resume Writer, and Career Consultant with experience working for software firms and consulting organizations throughout the US. Wendy has helped thousands of candidates with IT resumes, job search strategies, and interview [...]

2103, 2018

IT Recruiting – 8 Creative Strategies that Work by Stephanie Overby

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IT Recruiting - 8 Creative Strategies that Work by Stephanie Overby The Enterprisers Project is a community of CIOs that discuss the future of business and IT. Author, Stephanie Overby wrote this article and quoted me on page 2 in relation to improving recruitment processes so I wanted to share the link with you as it speaks to the importance of helping candidates enjoy a smoother, more friendly process while [...]

1603, 2018

Joy and Gratitude for My Resume Writing Success

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     Wendy Schwartz, CPRW I wanted to write a quick blog because I got an exciting surprise today that has me smiling from ear to ear.  A former recruiting partner of mine came to me about a month ago and the work at his current firm had dried up, mainly because he had done such a good job finding candidates on behalf of numerous startups that he [...]