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 About Our LeadershipWendy Schwartz CPRW

Wendy Schwartz, CPRW, is a certified professional resume writer, senior career consultant, and IT Recruiter with extensive experience providing top talent to Cloud software start-ups and Fortune 500s throughout the US. In addition, Wendy has worked with thousands of candidates to provide modern job search strategies, resumes, and LinkedIn profile help.

She is a trusted member of the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches. She currently provides IT Recruitment services and private resume/job search consulting. In addition, Wendy has written hundreds of career-related blog articles and is currently a writer and presenter for Recruiter.com

IT Job Search Help is creating new, free webinars and in-depth courses to help IT professionals in need of resume re-alignment, job search strategy improvement, and better interview skills who want a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach.

Here is what one client had to say about Wendy:

“When I became interested in new opportunities that required I provide a resume, I was looking for someone who could get my old resume up to speed and “professional” looking. I had started and run a consulting business for eight years and in acquiring customers, a resume was not a tool I needed. I was pleasantly surprised when Wendy started by getting to know me.

Wendy went way beyond writing a resume. She guided me through and got me to think/reflect/refine/focus upon what I wanted to do next. She helped me re-examine my professional life and reflect upon experiences to reconsider my skills/value. I would recommend Wendy without hesitation to anyone in a similar circumstance/situation.”

Patrick H.

Our current product & service offerings include:

Resume Revisions – We offer comprehensive resume re-positioning that gets results. Whether you need a resume slant or a full-blown rewrite, we are here for you. On average, we receive 2-3 referrals for every resume we do. How? We focus on best practices for resume writing within the IT space. In addition to formal training as a certified resume writer and career coach, we have written hundreds of outstanding resumes as an IT Recruitment expert.

Job Opportunity Identification – Many candidates rely on online job boards solely. This can be a huge mistake. We provide extra help by scouring the internet for both active and passive (unadvertised) opportunities.  We can even provide you with specific lists of hiring managers along with contact information and coaching on how to approach them.

Woman reviewing resume information with hiring manager

LinkedIn Profile Upgrades – We help you make the most of your LinkedIn profile. We want you to be an All-Star. We can provide you with hands-on coaching on how to use LinkedIn effectively to get noticed and network effectively.

Cover Letters & Messaging – Knowing how to market yourself in a concise way is a skill that not everyone has. We generate short, to-the-point cover letters that can be pasted directly into applications or sent as attachments. Upon request, we also provide specific messaging for use in email and in-mail correspondence.

Interview Preparation – Whether you are interviewing by phone, via the web, or face-to-face, we can teach you what to say and, more importantly, what not to say. As a trusted expert who has interviewed 1000+ IT professionals over the years, Wendy knows the secrets of how to tweak what you say and prepare you for conversations and meetings with human resources, talent acquisition, hiring managers, and future peers.

Resume Submission – If you tend to get bogged down in daily life and struggle with applicant Tracking Systems (ATSs), we are here to help. We provide manual resume submission services to get your resume submitted properly and promptly. You tell us which jobs you want to apply for and we can complete your online “paperwork” as needed.

To arrange a no obligation consultation and  obtain pricing information, please contact us at info@ITJobSearchHelp.com.